Purolator / Air Guard 1″ Poly Fiber Filters

Purolator / Air Guard Filters 1″ Poly Fiber Filters


1″ Poly Fiber
P312-STD standard 1″ (12 per case)

The Purolator P312 series is a 1″ basic efficiency poly-synthetic disposable filter. Ideal for residential, commercial or light industrial use. MERV rating 4. Sold 12 per case only. Replace monthly. Disposable Panel Filters.

Our long standing excellence in providing durable, top performing disposable filters is applied to the manufacturing of poly fiber P312 filters. Ideally suited for residential, commercial, or light industrial use, the polyester media was developed for situations where synthetic media products are required.

Frame - The P312 frame is produced using post-consumer materials. The unique Monobond pinch frame concept involves a one-piece frame sealed to the media under heat and pressure. This construction feature produces a continuous bond of media to board around the periphery of the frame, eliminating weak corners and air bypass. The use of a high tensile strength binder increases the integrity of the seal, allowing the filter to withstand varying temperatures and humidity levels.

Media - The synthetic media used in a P312 consists of polyester fibers bonded together in an interlocking pattern of tiny lint and dust traps. This configuration maximizes dust loading while minimizing resistance to air flow and surface loading.