Residential Maintenance Plan

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Air Conditioner Service

**Services will be done during normal business hours of Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm

*** Technicians will notify owner of any problems or additional costs before replacing components not covered by agreement or manufacturer’s warranty.

As you already know, energy costs are constantly on the rise, let Riccar help you offset these costs by lowering your utility bills and repair costs. Research has shown that neglected equipment costs much more to operate. As a homeowner, you have enough things to worry about, let Riccar’s skilled service department handle your HVAC equipment needs.

BENEFITS of a Riccar Periodic Maintenance Plan:

  • Maximize the life of your expensive equipment
  • Reduce the chances of costly repairs and breakdowns
  • Lower energy costs
  • It’s easy; we call you to schedule a convenient time to do the maintenance
  • It’s customized to fit your particular needs
  • Our employees are not working on commission, you will not be pressured into extras you do not really need


  1. Spring A/C check-up
    • Clean condensers
    • Check refrigerant pressures
    • Inspect and adjust electrical components as needed
  2. Fall furnace check-up
    • Clean and inspect blower/controls compartment
    • Lubricate motors if applicable
    • Clean and check burners for proper efficiency
    • Inspect and adjust electrical components as needed
    • Provide and replace belts as needed
  3. Other equipment (humidifiers, HRV, ERV, exhaust/make-up air equipment, air cleaners, filters, etc.) can be added to the maintenance plan to fit your needs.