BreatheCLEAN Home Air Purifier

One BreatheCLEAN unit purifies an entire home because it attaches to the home's central ventilation system and continually cleans the air as the air is circulating. This product can give you and your family freedom from allergies, asthma and sinus symptoms and keep you healthier throughout your lives.

"Half the costs of illness are wasted on conditions that could be prevented"
Dr. Joseph Pizzorno from the book "Total Wellness".

Purifier Unit

How it Works?

By removing germs, bacteria, mold and dust mites from the air, BreatheCLEAN provides great health benefits for people suffering from asthma or allergies. Additionally, BreatheCLEAN simply keeps you healthier throughout the year because it is continually removing cold germs, viruses and bacteria that cause illness and infection.

You can expect fewer sinus infections, fewer colds, clearer sinuses, better sleep and dramatic relief from asthma symptoms.


This is not a new technology: Ultraviolet light has been used since the 1930's in a variety of industries including surgical instrument sterilization, food packaging and processing, post offices, hot tubs, restaurants and water purification.

The ultraviolet light ray breaks through the cell wall of the organism and destroys the DNA. This renders the organism unable to reproduce and cause illness. For example, when someone has a virus or a cold and coughs or sneezes in one room; those germs are spread to every room in the house, through the ventilation system, within 30 minutes. With a BreatheCLEAN purifier attached to the ventilation system, those germs are destroyed and can not cause illness or irritate asthma or allergies.

Your Homes Air and Contaminates

Your Home's Air

It's a fact that all homes have many invisible micro-organisms floating in the air, including a variety of molds, viruses, and bacteria. These pollutants are naturally occurring and enter your home through doors, windows, and leaks. Additionally, homes that enjoy forced air ventilation systems often have increased levels of mold. Mold grows easily where there is moisture and darkness. Inside your home's ventilation ductwork is a prime breeding ground for mold, and your furnace fan does a great job spreading those spores throughout your entire home.

Main Symptoms


It may be very easy to find relief from congestion and other annoying symptoms!

Did you know that:

  • More than 50% of households are affected by some type of asthma, allergy, or sinus symptoms?
  • More than 40 million people have asthma and over 75 million people have allergies?
  • More than 37 million work days and school days are missed annually due to annoying asthma or allergies?

Our Solution

By installing BreatheCLEAN's pure ultraviolet light in your home's central ventilation ductwork you will continually reduce the mold, viruses, and bacteria that often are responsible for spreading colds and triggering your annoying congestion and other allergy and asthma symptoms.

The BreatheCLEAN Total Home Air Purifier is easy to install, uses very little electricity, is totally silent, and basically hidden.


The BreatheCLEAN total home ultraviolet air purification system easily installs into your existing ductwork. As air passes by the powerful 36 watt ultraviolet bulbs, ultraviolet energy literally destroys almost all disease-causing organisms in the air. With BreatheCLEAN, you are assured that all of the air your family or your employees breathe is the purest available from any air purification system.

  • Step 1: MEASURE FIRST and affix the template. Use the 3/32" drill bit to drill the six screw holes.

  • Step 2: With a 2 1/4" hole saw attached to your power drill, drill the two large holes. The best speed for drilling with a hole saw is slow to medium. Use the centering marks on the template to locate the proper centering of holes.

  • Step 3: Align the newly drilled holes with the mounting plate holes in the ductwork.

No competing model offers more effective purification than our standard unit. Two 36 watt bulbs deliver more than 24,000 effective microwatts per square centimeter of germ-killing ultraviolet energy.


Q. How much electricity does the BreatheCLEAN unit use?
A. It uses only 72 watts or 0.68 amps.

Q. Should I keep the fan running?
A. For the best results, yes. However it is not necessary. As long as you turn the fan on for 2-4 hours per day, you'll have excellent air purification throughout your entire home.

Q. Where should I locate the BreatheCLEAN unit if I already have a humidifier attached to the cold air return?
A. The best place would be above the humidifier. However, if there is no space above the humidifier and you want to locate it below the humidifier you must make sure it is at least twelve inches below the humidifier and you should place it as far below the humidifier as possible.

Q. We have a furnace filter. Isn't that enough to clean the air?
A. No. The BreatheCLEAN system does what filters can not do. The BreatheCLEAN system actually kills the organisms floating in your air. Filters just capture particulate that is floating, and often the organisms are so small that they flow right through most furnace filters.

Q. How often should the UV bulbs be replaced?
A. To maintain the highest efficiency and killing power the bulbs should be replaced once per year.

Q. Why do the bulbs need to be replaced if they are not burned out?
A. The ultraviolet wattage - which is the "killing power" - will start to diminish after twelve months.

Q. Is the "blue glow" that I can see in some of my vents dangerous to my eyes or skin?
A. The ultraviolet light is dangerous when it is in direct line of sight. The "blue glow" that you may see is being reflected through the ducts and is not dangerous to you. NEVER LOOK AT THE ULTRAVIOLET LIGHTS DIRECTLY. NEVER EXPOSE YOUR SKIN TO THE ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT DIRECTLY.

Q. What is the warranty?
A. Five years on the unit, and nine months on the bulbs.

Q. If our home has more than one furnace do I need more than one BreatheCLEAN Air Purification System and Allergy Fighter?
A. Yes. You need to install one per furnace system.

Q. How long is the power cord?
A. Twelve feet.

Q. What tools will I need for installation?
A. You will need a power drill, screwdriver and a 2 hole saw. The unit comes with a stick-on template for accurate drilling and mounting screws