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Advanced technology gives you more Efficient Air Conditioning. Rheem air conditionerThe Rheem Air Conditioning Division is a leading manufacturer of cooling & heating systems worldwide. After more than 70 years in business, the Rheem name is recognized not only for high quality, but also for equipment with efficiency ratings among the highest in the industry.

Rheem is dedicated to innovative design, quality construction, & energy conservation. This commitment to quality has resulted in Rheem Rheem combo air conditioner achieving the stringent standards of ISO 9002 certification from the International Standards Organization.

"Why invest in a Rheem Air Conditioning Unit?"

  1. Wraparound powder painted galvanized steel cabinet resists corrosion & protects the coil from hazards & weather extremes.
  2. Wraparound coil design improves operating efficiency & lower energy cost.
  3. Separate compressor section reduces noise, improves accessibility & allows easier servicing.
  4. Easy to remove service panels reveal all controls, minimizing service time and cost.
  5. Copper tubing with aluminum fins is used in the coil, providing better heat transfer, also reduces refrigerant leaks & service calls while resisting damage & corrosion.
  6. Grille design minimizes air restrictions for more efficiency.

"Scroll technology: The smoothest, quietest, most efficient compressor technology ever invented..." Rheem scroll comp No other manufacturer today offers the benefits of the Scroll technology throughout its entire residential air conditioning line. It's a technological advancement that achieves higher efficiency & durability at the same time.

Scroll Compressors use advanced engineering & flow dynamics to more efficiently and smoothly compress gas refrigerant. Old fashioned reciprocating compressors use pistons and valves to compress & move gas. But with a Scroll Compressor, these noisy high wearing parts are eliminated.

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