Air Cleaners

Facts you should know about indoor air pollution,
allergies and your health.

"My son, who has the allergies, isn't the only person who has benefitted. The entire family sleeps better with the air cleaner operating."

Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners are designed to remove polluting and irritating particles from the air, so we've known for a long time that they make homes cleaner and more comfortable. Now, thanks to our customers, we're documenting how much healthier clean air makes many people feel.

With Dr. Hamburger's help we surveyed 1,400 people who, on their warranty return card, said that "allergy relief" was a primary reason for buying one of our electronic air cleaners. The people we sent questionnaires to had lived with the air cleaner for at least ten months, but not more than three years (through at least one allergy season, but not so long that they would not be able to recall the initial effects of the air cleaner on their allergy symptoms).

The results are impressive. So much so that they've been published in a leading allergy medical journal, and are summarized in the following pages. Even more gratifying than the statistics are the comments by people who took the survey. We've quoted their first-person experiences throughout this brochure.

Will a Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC) give you relief from your allergy symptoms? No one can guarantee that, because the degree of relief is dependent on many factors-including what you're allergic to, the severity of your allergies, and your lifestyle.

However, there is no question that a high efficiency EAC can significantly reduce the amount of dust and indoor air pollutants, including airborne allergens, present in almost every home.

And all of us, whether we have allergies or not, can breathe easier with cleaner indoor air. It's the way our homes should be.

"It has allowed us to sleep through the night and to breathe easier while we're in the house. I can't easily put a price tag on that."

Over 89% found allergy relief from a wide variety of irritants

"Every fall and spring I'm a very thankful Mom- the Honeywell unit has saved us countless trips to either the doctor or emergency room..."

"Besides helping materially with my allergies, there's no doubt the air cleaner keeps my whole house much cleaner so I hardly need to dust from week to week. My air cleaner is really my good friend."

Almost all of the people responding to the survey said they had allergic reactions to one or more of some of the most common indoor air pollutants: Pollen (87%), dust mites (68%), mold spores (63%), and pet dander (53%). How quickly did they feel the benefits of an electronic air cleaner?

  • 40% said they felt better "within days."
  • Another 35% felt relief "within weeks."
  • An additional 14% said they felt better "within months."

A good night's sleep- and better days, too.

Four out of every five respondents said they found additional relief with an electronic air cleaner. Of those,

  • 85% said they were able to sleep better.
  • 28% said they had more energy.
  • 28% felt more physically active.
  • 23% said they missed fewer days of work or school.

"It has really improved the quality of my son's life- allowing him to participate in more outdoor activities, knowing he can come in and obtain relief within hours. Also has greatly improved his ability to breathe more easily & not cough at night, thereby getting a good night's sleep."

Relief from those "classic" symptoms

"My children's post nasal drips have all but disappeared...During the winter we don't get sick as often as other people and, when we do, it's not as severe."

"During most of the winter my son would either have a stuffed or runny nose. Since we got the electronic air filter I see a very big difference in him-Allergies seem to have almost disappeared..."

We asked our respondents to check off all the symptoms they felt relief from.

  • Nasal/sinus congestion: 76%
  • Watery/itchy eyes: 50%
  • Runny nose: 40%
  • Wheezing: 32%
  • Headache: 29%
  • Sore throat: 23%

71% gained relief with less medication

Among survey respondents taking medication for allergies, about 70 percent said they were able to reduce (and for some, eliminate) their medication after the EAC was installed. That's significant because Americans are estimated to spend over $2 billion each year on over-the-counter medications alone for allergy and asthma.

"I have much more energy-walking 3 miles a day & have been retired for 2+ years."

"I have not had to take medication since we installed the electronic air cleaner. I had forgotten how good they were until we were without one for four months after we moved..."

  • 50%-75% reduction in medication for 15 percent of respondents taking medication.
  • 25%-50% reduction for 26 percent of these respondents.
  • 5% -25% reduction for 25 percent of these respondents.
  • Five percent were able to completely eliminate allergy medication.

"I told my husband it would be worth it if I could feel even a little better. And I feel so much better that I recommend it to a lot of friends and relatives!"

"Thank you! You changed my life."

How impressed with the benefits of their EAC were the people who took this survey?

  • 58% said they already had recommended it to people they know with allergies.
  • Another 33% said they would recommend it.

Here's how the study's authors* summarize their findings:

"We conclude that the use of a high quality electronic air cleaning filter in the home is effective in reducing the morbidity, symptoms and medication usage, as well as reducing economic and social loss, due to allergy."

*Hamburger, Robert N., M.D., University of California, San Diego, Allergy Immunology Laboratory, and Mary Gould, Honeywell, Inc., Immunology & Allergy Practice, July, 1991, p. 297/37.

"The electronic air cleaner has been a tremendous aid to us. Enough so that we have recommended it to our neighbor."

What you can't see can hurt you

See that sunbeam streaming in through your window? What you're really seeing is light reflecting off particles floating in the air. Unfortunately, what you see is only the largest one percent of all airborne pollutants in your home. The other 99 percent-roughly a million particles per cubic foot of indoor air-are invisible to the naked eye. What are they?

Dust mites, their carcasses and waste products. Pollen and spores from plants, mold and mildew. Tobacco and wood smoke from fireplaces or wood burning stoves. Cooking grease. Bacteria and viruses. Pet dander. Insecticide dusts...and more.

These airborne particles "trigger" many of the most common allergies. And, while many people try to escape these pollutants by going indoors, there is growing evidence that the risk from air pollution inside your house is considerably greater than the risk from air pollution outdoors.

Who is most at risk from indoor air pollution? Infants, children and the elderly. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Smokers and people on regular medication. And anyone who has an allergy or other respiratory illness.

Improving indoor air quality

There are three ways to improve the indoor air quality in your home: Source Control, Dilution, and Filtration/Air Cleaning.

As this chart shows, no one method can solve all of your potential indoor air pollution problems. Optimum relief requires a combination of all three.

Clearing the air about ozone

Ozone is a normal part of our atmosphere created naturally by the action of the sun on oxygen. It is also created by man as a common by-product of processes such as combustion, power generation and from the operation of common appliances such as electric hair dryers and sun lamps.

Like other appliances, high efficiency electronic air cleaners will produce trace levels of ozone when they are running. However, the typical range of ozone in homes with an electronic air cleaner is well below the level already occurring outside, as the following chart shows.

The science of electronic air cleaners

Some simple physics explains why electronic air cleaners are so effective. They use a principle called two stage electrostatic precipitation:

(image here)

Honeywell offers both whole-house and portable room-size electronic air cleaners. Which is right for you? The best relief and value is provided by a central whole-house unit. If a whole-house unit is not practical, a portable room air cleaner placed in your bedroom is an excellent option.

"My whole house is a lot cleaner and so is the air."

"It's so much nicer than having to replace the filters (cost, etc.). Washing them is very easy."

Everyday benefits for all of us

The most important benefits from a high efficiency electronic air cleaner are a healthier, cleaner and more comfortable indoor environment for you and your family. There are other advantages, too.

  • No replacement filter costs:
    • Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaners have durable, light-weight cells that can be washed in your automatic dishwasher (check your dishwasher manufacturer's instructions)-or soaked and rinsed in any suitable container.
  • A Honeywell whole-house electronic air cleaner pays for itself in many ways.
    • It uses the same amount of electricity as a 40-watt light bulb, but saves even more in energy costs because it keeps central heating/cooling equipment coils cleaner. That lowers operating costs, and reduces wear and tear so furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps, last longer.
    • Because your indoor air is cleaner, you save time, money and work on routine house cleaning. It also protects furnishings, walls and draperies.

"We've been very pleased with our unit. Not only have we had less distress due to allergies, we've seen a drastic reduction of general household dust...this relates to less frequent dusting, cleaning, etc."

The next step

Whole house Honeywell electronic air cleaners should be professionally installed. Both they, and Honeywell portable console electronic air cleaners, are available from Honeywell dealers.